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    ZipArchive driving me insane!

    Hey all,

    I've been struggling with this problem for weeks now.

    I have a self-managed vps... which means I have to deal with the majority of server side issues myself.

    Basically have been trying to get a wordpress plugin to upgrade to the elite version.

    The elite files are in a zip file in the plugin folder.

    Whenever I try to upgrade I get this error:

    Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in ........

    I originally installed Zip via WHM and thought it was done but no joy, i thought perhaps I hadn't enabled it or something.

    Somebody mentioned something about '--enable-zip configure option' but I couldn't find any concrete advice.

    It's incredible how little information there is about this stuff online... i've literally spent days and weeks going back to this trying to fix it. I'm sure my hosts could do it in minutes but apparently they are bastards!

    I swear I've done everything I can but they say that there isn't anything wrong on their end.

    Just today figured out how to access root via ssh and install zip using the 'pecl install zip' command.

    that went fine, and I saw the line that said:

    "Extension zip enabled in php.ini"

    ... so I was sure it would work this time.. but no.

    I've also tried enabling "zlib.output_compression" to see if that helped but every time I enable it, all sites on that vps get "Internal Server Error".

    Also thought there could be something in the "Safe Mode | disable_functions" section but I couldn't see anything that looked immediately obvious.

    It's making me crazy not being able to figure it out.

    If someone could help preserve my sanity I would be eternally grateful!


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    it might be many things.
    try this: http://wiki.vpslink.com/HOWTO:_Add_Zip_support_for_PHP5
    check if server has write access to directories u want it to change/write stuff
    after installing modules restart server.

    what system u have on that server? which web server?


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