currently we have a website being hosted on the server, when accessing the web using ip and port everything works fine example(http://218.***.***.*:82/index.aspx). we then frame directed the domain(www.pc******.net) to the above link. when we enter www.pc******.net everything works fine. however

I have a link <a style=" display: block;padding-top:145px; padding-left:183px" href="Product.aspx?prod=PCFF1"></a>
and when using this link on the same page it shows the ip example (http://218.***.***.*:82/product.aspx?prod=PCFF1). if i try to set the link in the html as www.pc******.net/product.aspx it redirects me to the original page (http://218.***.***.*:82/index.aspx).

I tried frame directing the domain to http://218.***.***.*:82/ however no page was accessible.

Another issue is the following, index.aspx allows parameters and as before it works fine using the ip directly, when having domain set to (http://218.***.***.*:82/index.aspx), i tried www.pc******.net?form=product and it didn't work and i noticed the url changed to www.pc******.net/?form=product.

I am confused I am using IIs to host the website and domain is of 1and1. I don;t know what i am doing wrong and where the problem might be. Thanks