I styled a UL to be 600px and told all of the LI's to float left so that we could create the two columns relatively simply without touching the coldfusion at all, but when i do that it causes the list items to be in alphabetical order from left-to-right which isn't very readable.

Usually this wouldn't be an issue since i'd just hop into the code and end the UL and create a floated left UL2 which would sit next to it, however since it's being populated by coldfusion I'm not sure how to tell the ul to stop after X amount of li's.

a - b
c - d
e - f
g - h

Want it to be:
a - e
b - f
c - g
d - h

So is there a way to tell coldfusion to output only the first (let's say 1-10) number of entries from the Services page, then tell it again to output the next set (11-20)?