I want to make a search engine that searches with in color,ive seen it done before i just dont know how.

I have a color picker already and a search engine but it's not programmed yet to search,i want to know how i can program both them to search keywords and for color!!

http://www.freewebs.com/yoko16/TEMPORAWR.htm search engine bar for the keywords like 'dress' 'shirt' 'cats' 'dogs' http://www.freewebs.com/yoko16/TEMPP.htm The color picker I'd like to use for this.

So how can i make this work out? I've never even made a search engine before but to make this engine both the color and keyword search engine must be connected so you can use BOTH at the same time for a high definition search. I've seen it done before!

i already searched online for tutorials... could you PLEASE help me on this?!

I forgot which language i was going to use it with so could you just pick a language i can use that can be done with what i already coded.
It's a very old project I've been putting off by the way, its over a year old and i just can't remember what i was going to do, its the last thing i have to do for my web store!

If you can't help me on this and just want to be paid to even help me slightly,i am willing to pay you the amount you wish to have once i get a money coming. I don't have any yet. So i would like this figured out in my head on how i could go upon coding this. I did lose quite a bit of coding i had typed up already but before i could save it my computer restarted on its own and firefox didn't save the file or anything i had up!!