i am creating a vb script for my ftp program "gene6 ftp server". when i create accounts for users it creates an "username".ini file and i need to read from that to get the required information. i need it to read from the file without importing any extra packages or using xml and what not.

this script is to be ran everytime a client authenicates so it goes somthing like this
<script type="text/vbscript">
if statslogin = 1 then 
 get $usraccount name .ini
read from file
find StatsLastIP=*.*
take StatsLastIP=*.*
add *.* to ini file at 
IPAccessList0=*.*,Allowed,Only allowed on one computer
end if
the *.* is the ip of the actual computer their logging in from its *.* because it changes. I know this is rudimentary but i dont really know where to advance from here