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    Which OS To Choose For Linux Server?

    I am looking at buying a dedicated server. The reason being because my bandwidth is too much for shared hosting and I already have a VPS but I keep on getting told to forget having a VPS and just get a dedicated server (Not sure why!).

    Can anyone advise me if I should actually go ahead and get my own dedicated server and if it will be easy to setup and also which OS I should have installed on it if so?

    All I am doing is having a website on it so I will not be touching the server after setup or will I need to maintain the server in some way?

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    It really depends on what you are comfortable with using and what your current experience is.

    If you are going down the Linux route, then without doubt Ubuntu Server is probably one of the 'easiest' Linux servers out there - but they *all* require some learning and core competence. If you already have some experience of something like SUSE or Redhat, go with that. The Linux purists moan about how Ubuntu has taken over the world, but don't get dragged into that. Installing software is easy, maintaining is reasonably easy and there is lots of great support.

    You don't have to opt for Linux. Server 2003 onwards is just fine *provided that your site will work with Windows*. It's probably easier to set up a Windows server than Linux for someone who does not do it all the time, because Windows is mostly point/click with a remote desktop.

    For me I would not use anything other than Linux unless I have a client who specifically has something ASP based. But it comes down to apples and oranges.

    I have got to agree that the cheap VPS solutions are rubbish. I can recommend the PIPEX (webfusion) 46.99 p/m VPS Pro - running Server 2003 impressed me. I had one for 18 months or so with lots of sites on it, and it rarely missed a beat. The support was mixed - but I rarely needed it. (http://www.webfusion.co.uk/virtual-private-servers/)

    I've also tried a VPS from Easyspace (which was poor but support was good) and an entry level dedicated from them which was flawless for me.: (http://www.easyspace.com/dedicated_servers)

    But make up your own mind by asking lots of people for their views. Good luck with it fella :-)

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    These guys have excellent support and prices.


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