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    wildcards for access.

    I know this isnt an access db forum, but my question has more to do with SQL and support in access for wildcard searches.

    My query below seems correct, but its not filtering any data out based on my form field value and the wildcard "%". It returns all records from the table.

    <cfset projectName="projectName">
    <cfparam name="URL.ID" default="1">
    <cfparam name="FORM.projectName" default="" type="string">
    <cfquery name="plm" datasource="dawnFoods">
    SELECT ProductDataSpec.ID, ProductDataSpec.projectName
    FROM ProductDataSpec
    WHERE ProductDataSpec.ID = ProductDataSpec.ID

    <cfif FORM.projectName IS NOT "">
    AND ProductDataSpec.projectName LIKE '#FORM.projectName#%'

    <!--- All Results Ordered by brand and Item--->
    ORDER BY ProductDataSpec.projectName ASC

    Not sure I see whats wrong with the sql code. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advanced!

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    Access uses * for wild card, not %.

    Though that can depend upon the connection string you used, so if * doesn't work, post your connection string.
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