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    ORACLE: Can COALESCE() be nested inside MAX()?

    Hello, everyone.

    In Oracle (10g and 11g), can COALESCE() be nested inside MAX()?

    For example, I want to get the current MAX value of a column used for sort order of records (ie, 1,2,3,4..) for a particular application listing; going to add one to it and use it for the next entry for that app. So I was using
    SELECT MAX(sort_order)+1 FROM table WHERE app_id = 'F8'
    But then it occurred to me that when an application is being entered for the first time, there won't be a sort order (separate table for applications.) So, I'm wondering if I could do:
    SELECT MAX(COALESCE(sort_order,0))+1 FROM table WHERE app_id = 'F8'
    UPDATE: Apparently, yes, it can.

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