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    Help me with some SQL code

    I'm a beginner in Java and I am learning to code a software to contact with Database. That is JDBC.

    I have problem with some SQL code....I am using MS SQL Server 2005.

    My question is:

    - Is MS SQL Server 2005 same with MySQL?

    - How to create a combo box with code ?
    Ex: I have Customer table, in one of this field is 'Sex' how can I create a combo box to choose one of Male or Female.

    - and How to connect data from table 1 to table 2 ?
    Ex: I have Customer and Bill table. CusID and BillID are primary key, and each other is foreign key with another. So how can I create a trigger to connect 2 data in 2 tables. That mean CusName will be appeared in Bill table automatically, and If I submit data CusName in Customer table, it will be applied in Bill table without I do. How can I do that ? Please help me !

    Attach file is my query !
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    mssql and mysql are two different database applications. if you are asking in this forum, your question belongs in the general database forum rather than specifically the mysql forum which you've posted in.

    I can move the thread.

    Please post non-database questions (such as creations of pulldowns, which aren't part of a database application) in the appropriate forum depending on your chosen application, Java in your case.

    Do not post a zip file and expect people to go through the entire thing.

    Post very specific questions about a particular thing you are having trouble with, not a whole generalized how do I do a), b), c) oh and d) type of question. you won't get a lot of help in forums that way.


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