Hello everyone, I've been trying to install and/or get Oracle 10 and/or 11 and up and running for several days. Not sure if this the right place for the thread since this is entitled SQL, although there are obviously many similarities.

First issue is the loopback adapter I need. Presently I have xxxxxx(connection name)\par xxxxxxx(pc-name)\par

in the hosts file, the \par were not put in by me and were automated. Is this correct, the addresses and the \par?

How do you know if you have done the loopback correctly? Can you ping the address to know?

Secondly, I have had it installed a couple times with one problem or another arising. This latest attempt I thought I finally had it but I could only ever long into enterprise manager under system and I could never find sql*plus worksheet. Then after shutting down the instance and restarting it I started getting an error message (forget exact wording at the moment) that was related to the ip address for the loopback that I hadn't had any other time. Something about not finding

It's getting pretty frustrating so if anyone knows a lot about this I would greatly appreciate any possible help.

Thanks much!