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Thread: SQL query help

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    Question SQL query help

    Hi everybody,

    I am doing some SQL exercises on a postgreSQL db and have stumped myself. Here are the tables involved:

    customerid prod_id

    prod_id category

    category categoryname

    Here is what I came up with, but its not the results I'm looking for:
    SELECT distinct(customerid),max(cat_count),cat_name AS top_count FROM(
    	SELECT customerid,count(c.categoryname) AS cat_count,c.categoryname AS cat_name 
    	FROM cust_hist AS ch
    	JOIN products AS p
    	ON ch.prod_id = p.prod_id
    	JOIN categories AS c
    	ON p.category = c.category
    	GROUP BY customerid,c.categoryname
    	ORDER BY customerid DESC
    )AS subA GROUP BY customerid,cat_count,cat_name ORDER BY customerid
    The problem with the above is that its displaying the count per category of ALL the categories for each customer.

    What I would like to do is see what category each customer has purchased the most.
    I'd like to see customerid, the count of items in the most purchased category, and the category name. Thanks in advance.
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