Hello all. I have a database where each record has a username, and 20 categories (rows). Well, each category can have 1 of 3 possible values (Safe, AR, NO). I need to query the whole table and first query by the specified user, then count how many values are Safe, how many are AR, and how many are NO. In other words, I don't need a count for each row, I need a count for ALL rows (any instance of each value). Is this possible with one query, or do I need to have multiple. I don't need to show the data, just the resulting counts. I hope this makes sense.

Here is a crude example:

       Col1   Col2   Col3  Col4
Row1   Safe    AR     AR   Safe
Row2    NO     AR    Safe   NO
Row3   Safe    Safe   NO    NO
So the results I want are:
Safe = 5
AR = 3
NO = 4