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    clicking through from record to record on form

    I have a bound form which is used for inserting records and viewing existing records. If I open an existing record I want to be able to click the forward and back buttons at the foot of the form to move from record to record, how can I do this???

    I didnt build the form and have limited access from experience. Presently when I open a record I do see:

    Record: (back arrow) and (forward arrow)

    on the bottom however the back button is grayed out and I am only allowed to clik forward which clears the form and alllows me to enter a new record only.

    -----------------updated info:
    I have been researching this and am fast coming to the conclusion a bound form can not use the record navigation, or at least this one cant. SHould I be able to???

    May I add this to the scenario - When I open the form as if I am entering a new record the navigation works. However if I open an exisitng record it does not. I have even turned off the navigation and using controls created my own. This also works and fails in the same way described.

    Any ideas???

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    your question is not database related, this should be posted in the forum for the specific front end application you are viewing the records.


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