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    Sqlite3/PDO write lock issue

    ahhhhh.... Man my head hurts with all this table banging.

    I'm having an issue with Sqlite not allowing me to write (UPDATE) to a table that i have just done a SELECT query on because it is "Locked" in a read only state. I have found a few articles on the web about this, but the suggested fix's seem not to work in my case. Any help is so much appreciated. Here's my code. I have commented as much as possible. I have also omitted some error checking code to trim this post.

    You will see at the last db_query() is where its failing. My quetions is... How do i get the UPDATE query to work on table that was just SELECT queried? Thanks much for the help.

    /* connect to the database (works) */
    $dbHandle = new PDO('sqlite:'.$CFG->baseroot.'/db/mmt.db3');
    function db_query($query) {
    	global $dbHandle;
            /* load the query (works) */
    	$handle = $dbHandle->query($query);
    	/* check to see if Fetch is necessary (works) */ 
    	if (substr($query,0,6) <> 'UPDATE') {
    		/* do the fetch (works) */	
    		$qr = $handle->fetch();
            /* fix that releases the lock (doesn't work) */
    	return $qr;
    /* run the select query (works) */
    $user = db_query("SELECT first_name FROM user WHERE id = '5'");
    /* do the if (works) */
    if ($user['name'] == 'John') {
    	/* run the update. (this does not work and throws an error) */
    	db_query("UPDATE user SET last_name = 'Doe' WHERE first_name = 'John'");

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    I've never used SQLite with that language before but I'd guess you aren't releasing the handle or properly handling running a query despite getting data back.

    Typically though you need to call the finalize function in SQLite to close the recordset. I don't see you ever doing that which is probably why the table is locked.

    Is this PHP you are writing this in?


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