Hi all,
As this is my first post let me say I'm glad I found you guys.

So my question is this. I have filemaker pro, and access, but would not be opposed to using anything else. What I need o do is create a database, duh right, for reporting sales.

I'll need to track 20 or so sales reps who will manually input their daily sales by SKU. The plan would be to have a rep login. Logging in would query the database, pulling all the current sku's and then populate a web form with the sku, model, and description(all information stored in the database) with a quantity field where the rep would input number of units sold that day by sku and submit.

After submitting, an admin would run a report pulling all daily sales, and then generating a report that could be e-mailed to all reps.

I am open to using any database software, although as I said I have filemaker pro and access already. I understand this will be fairly involved and not something that happens overnight but this is something I want to get done.

Any suggestions on a scripting language, database , or anything else would be greatly appreciated. I think my biggest problem is getting started. I understand how MYSQL, and PHP work, and utilizing them isn't even the problem as I can learn anything, the gap that I really need to cover is how to save the database, where to save it (I know I need web hosting or a server with php and MYSQL installed if I intend to use those) but more so, where the hell do I save this crap on in the hosted site? things of that nature are where I think I'm really falling short of the marl.

the other big hurdle is while I understand that I'll need to create a database in MYSQL if I go that route, where is the magic command line for me to enter commands located?

I know a little bit but what I know may also be hindering as I may think I am understanding something and that is preventing me from truly understanding what I want to do.

Again any help would be greatly appreciated