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    Question store procedure check expirydate

    halo there, i need some help on writing store procedure.
    i have 1 table which store the productid,productname,customerid expirydate of the product, remindersent.
    customer table---> cusotmerid, customeremail
    wat i wan to do is, i wan to check the expiry date for each customer 's products .
    if the date diff between expirydate and today is 30days, then send a reminder to the customer and update the remindersent to 1. if the date diff expirydate and today is 14days, then send a reminder to the customer and update the remindersent to 2... how i write tis in store procedure?
    plz guide me on how to write it. i know the basic for the store procedure, select, update, insert and delete only.thank you.hope can hear frm u all as soon.....coz urgent..plz help.

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    what is the part where you have the problem?
    - processing the table which holds the product?
    - creating the code to send an email?
    - do the calculations with the dates?
    - all of the above?
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