I have a report like the following- [the expenses of each item under the item heading is recorded for a date of a particular month]. I cant format my report as I want but u can realize it.

Jan 2007

Fields/Months - 1 3 4 5 . . . . . 30 31

Male 4
Female 8

Staff Salary($) 4
Jerry 6
John 5

Transport 5
David(Driver) 5
Johnson 9

.......so on

Now could anybody tell me how to make my database table for this report. This looks like a 2 dimension array of records. Should I build a table for each dimension like one for labor including the male and female as fields of that table. OR all fields in a single table including all those fields. As u can see each item is(or can be) recorded in a particular date of a month. It means record can be inserted at any date of a month. In this case if I make a single table, how can I insert record several times in a same month. It is a little confusing to me.Pls anybody tell me how to make table out of SUCH two dimension array.There must be a conventional way to do this.