I have PHP installed running with apache, I did it manually which I prefer because I can then create virtual hosts.

I have http://lostseed, http://jream, and http://velocity

I am having a very hard time getting MySQL to work.
All I want to do is have a MySQL database for each of these Virtual Hosts.
It doesnt matter If I use PHPmyAdmin or anything, I still cant get that to work

Ive read manuals and things and I cant figure out what Im doing wrong.

My virtual hosts are setup in system32/drivers/etc/hosts
Code:       localhost       jream	lostseed	velocitytools	test
To set those up I have this in my httpd.conf file for each one:
#For jream:
NameVirtualHost jream

<VirtualHost jream>
DocumentRoot d:\jream
ServerName jream

<Directory "d:\jream">
    Options all
    AllowOverride all
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
is there an easier way to do this? I tried using WAMP with aliases but
it does not show the css or image files when running because everything
is linked /css/ and /images/ -- if you click a link in the aliased directory
it would go http://css/, its stupid

please help Im going nuts