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    find duplicate email address that show in column1 or column2

    I have a primary email and secondary email column and wish to find all duplicates that appear. It does not matter the order of the results, just to show the duplicate entries, so I can manually edit them.
    I have tried to figure this out myself and not getting very far. I have the following that finds the duplicates for each column separately but wish to merge the query in to one so it find across both fields.

    results needed are both entries along with clientid.

    SELECT a.clientid, a.email
    FROM `list` a
    SELECT email
    FROM `list`
    GROUP BY email
    HAVING COUNT( clientid ) > 1
    ) aa ON a.email=aa.email
    ORDER BY `a`.`email` ASC

    SELECT b.clientid, b.email2
    FROM `list` b
    SELECT email2
    FROM `list`
    GROUP BY email2
    HAVING COUNT( clientid ) > 1
    ) bb ON b.email2=bb.email2
    ORDER BY `b`.`email2` ASC
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