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    Is it bad to compile all user messages into one table?

    I have a forums site I am creating with PHP and SQL.

    I am thinking about compiling all user messages into one table called user_messages

    It would be like:

    $senderId = 2;
    $recipientId = 3;
    $userMessage = "Hey, how's it going my friend?!";
    $postedOn = date('m-d-y');
    $insertMessage = $conn->prepare("
    INSERT INTO user_messages(user_sender_id, user_recipient_id, user_message, posted_on)
    VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?)
    $insertMessage->bind_param("iiss", $senderId, $recipientId, $userMessage, $postedOn);
    $userId = 12;
    $getMessages = $connect->prepare("SELECT * FROM user_messages WHERE user_recipient_id = ?");
    $getMessages->bind_param("i", $userId);
    $getMessagesResults = $getMessages->get_result();
    if($getMessagesResults->num_rows == 0) {
    print("No messages exist.");
    $messageTitle = $row['message_title'];
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    Yes, you would store all user messages in one table. What other method were you considering?

    BTW - your posted_on date column needs to be a DATE data type and use a YYYY-MM-DD format, so that you can do sorting/date-comparisons on the values. The format you have now, in a text/character column, cannot be directly sorted or compared by magnitude, and also takes more storage than a DATE data type.
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