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    solution for maxed size database

    I've been working on a large project that has taken me to 300mb for a MySQL database on Network Solutions servers. Somebody on the phone a few months back told me to upgrade to the premium to be able to go over that size. So today I signed up. When it didn't change the size, I called customer service again. Now they're telling me that the word "unlimited" refers to number of databases. Not size.

    So now I'm stuck. Dead in the water. Any suggestions on how to tackle going over 300mb? Other than setting up my own server? That seems like a ridiculous limitation.

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    If Network Solutions caps disk space quota to 300MB and you need more than that, the solution would be to find another provider to host your DB.

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    Even GoDaddy's under $5 a month plan allows ten 1GB MySQL databases.

    But it does seem silly to me that they won't allow one 10GB db. What difference does it make so long is the total size is the same?

    Anyway, I'm sure that if you search around you can find somebody who will offer you a reasonable max sized MySQL DB. I'd say 10GB would do for most purposes. But you know your app better than we do.
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