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    Blog - Limit posts on page, next page

    Hi everyone. I'm a bit stuck on limiting posts on a page for a blog, and then have next page(page numbers). See the simple script below.

    PHP Code:
    echo "
    <div class='blog_post_container'>
        <div class='blog_post_title'>
        <div class='blog_post_date'>
            <div class='blog_post_content'>
    <hr class='blog_hr'>

    Contents of the database (my blog posts) are being pulled through to a single page.

    Not ideal if I have 20 posts as all on one page.

    Does anyone know how I can limit this to 10 on the page?, I would quite like to have some sort of next page links or page numbers after 10 posts?

    Even better if someone knows a youTube video or some other good resource to help?

    Don't knwo where to begin with this so any help most appriciated.

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    Paging if very very easy with MySQL!

    You just have to use the LIMIT keyword in you query.

    So something as simple as this:
    $pageSize = 10; // or any other size
    $pageNumber = $_REQUEST("pageNumber"); // get page number from GET or POST
    if ( ! isset($pageNumber) ) $pageNumber = 1;
    $startLimit = ( $pageNumber - 1 ) * $pageSize;
    $sql = "SELECT ... FROM ... ORDER BY ... LIMIT $startLimit, $pageSize";
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