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    I have originally posted my question here on stackexchange

    mysql structure based on date - Database Administrators Stack Exchange

    Any help?

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    You should have put your problem here instead of a link to it. I quoted it below. It has me asking a bunch of questions.
    He gave me table like this one

    Balance, date - 13.05.2014

    Warehouse: 21 60,000.00

    № Name Quantity Unit (weight) Netto

    1 Chicken (15 kg) 4,000 Box (15 kg.) 60,000.00

    Total: 4,000 60,000.00
    Warehouse: 21 has me asking "will the user have more then 1 warehouse? Is this his twenty-first warehouse or is he allowed to store in this warehouse?
    Chicken (15 kg) ; If that's the weight of a chicken we all should be very afraid. It doesn't belong here.
    Box (15 kg.) ; Are all the boxes he is storing the same weight? I ask this because the total weight has a decimal point and that means tenth of a Kg.
    Can he store boxes of different weight?
    Can he store other things besides chickens? If he had boxes of pigs does he just put them here or can he have another warehouse; if yes you will need a second table.

    The DB is easy to create if we know exactly what information we are storing and what we need from it. What you were given doesn't tell us what we need to know.
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