Mr Oldies online radio station

Look at the source code.
Now compare the html code list for the playlist.
You should note that the two lists are different.
Is there any particular reason the two are different?
While the songs are called and played properly, it just befuddles me as to why the two lists are different.
PHP Code:


while (
$query "SELECT * FROM picker where songID='$tune'";

if (
$result $mysqli->query($query)) {

/* fetch object array */
while ($row $result->fetch_assoc()) {
//        echo $row["songID"],$row["title"],$row["artist"];
//        echo "<br>";
"<li class='aplay'>";
"<a href='#' data-src='$year/$song'>";
$xx.")....".$row["title"]."<br>".$row["artist"]." - ".$year;
/* free result set */