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    Whmcs p2h mod help

    I'm in need of some help/advice, i have a post2host module which was created back in 2011 for whmcs, i've just decided to start and use it with the latest release of whmcs but running into a problem due to some changes in whmcs.

    I'll try my best to explain my issue but if i'm honest i have no idea what i'm doing or saying :P

    To set-up the post2host module to work in whmcs i create a normal web hosting product and have to set the payment type to recurring on a monthly basis, this is so it can check how many posts a users needs to have made each month, anyway i think this is where the problem might be (the payment fields), because the price field in whmcs needs to be set to $0.00 and whmcs now disables that payment term automatically when set at $0.00 then when the post2host module checks for the information from the table i believe the wrong values are being returned and i need to figure away obviously of getting this to work as it should?

    Sorry if that makes no sense but its best way i can explain it. I have attached the files for the module, so if anyone has whmcs and would like to be so kind as to help me to get this to work would be much appreciated


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    @TedHead, because this is so specific to a single program (Whmcs) you would get better answers by reading the new manual or going to their forums page here: WHMCS Forums
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