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    Hyperlink data in my table

    Hey, i'm relatively new with MySQL so bare with me...

    I have a form on my website where users will input two fields, a websites name (e.g., Google) and a website url (e.g., https://www.google.com/)

    This form stores data in my database table "websites" with 3 columns(id, website, url)

    I'm looking to retrieve just the website names to show up on my page but have them linked to the url associated with them.

    The short story
    Users input 2 fields (website name and url)
    Which is stored in my db
    I want to recall the "website name" to my front end
    but have it linked to the given url.

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    SELECT `url` FROM table WHERE `WEBSITE` = "website name";

    Of course when you store them you should check for duplicates
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