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    Question Sum of time differences

    Hi CF Board

    i have for eg
    sopno	 no field puser 	 progstart 	 progend
    101299 	11.65 	Graeme 	 	13-03-14 15:49 	13-03-14 16:01 		
    101289 	179.05 	Graeme 		13-03-14 19:21 	13-03-14 22:20 		
    101289 	445.3 	Graeme 		17-03-14 08:20 	17-03-14 15:46
    where no field is a PHP calculation of the start and finish times,

    i want to display this as 1 line or maybe a summary line beneath it

    so i want to time calc in mysql instead of php, or should i store the calc in the table also?
    then i want to group by sopno but add the calculations together

    current code:
    						  A.id As id,
    						  A.sopno As sopno,
    						  A.progstart As progstart,
    						  A.progend As progend,
    						  A.puser As apuser,
    						  A.cstart As cstart,
    						  A.cend As cend,
    						  A.cuser As acuser,
    						  A.status As status,
    						  B.FirstName As puser,
    						  C.FirstName As cuser
    						  ( ( aventa_program A 
    						  left join webbook.users B on B.UserID = A.puser  )
    						  left join webbook.users C on C.UserID = A.cuser  ) 
    						  ORDER BY `status`, `sopno` DESC limit 200"
    current time calc

    PHP Code:
    // shortened code
    if ($TData['progend'] != NULL){$to_time strtotime($TData['progend']);}else{$to_time strtotime("now");}
                if (
    $TData['progstart'] != NULL){$from_time strtotime($TData['progstart']);}else{$from_time strtotime("now");}

    td>'.(round(abs($to_time - $from_time) / 60,2)).'</td>

    $psdate date_create($TData['progstart']);
    $pedate date_create($TData['progend']);

                if (
    $TData['progstart'] != NULL){$psdateshow date_format($psdate'd-m-y H:i');}else{$psdateshow ='';}
                if (
    $TData['progend'] != NULL){$pedateshow date_format($pedate'd-m-y H:i');}else{$pedateshow ='';}

    $Content .= '
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