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    gathering results from db.

    I am developing a not for profit website to enable people to generate a bespoke tour itinerary for initially Bulgaria but hopefully other countries as well. The address is Bespoke Tour Planner.

    I am a novice in php and hope you may be able to help me.
    I have a db that shows a range of subjects and individual numbers for each.
    I need to create a form that displays these results to the user.

    ie monasteries 10
    ski runs 7
    archeological sites 8

    if the db result is 0 then neither the name or quantity are not displayed.

    It would be even better if the results can be moved up when result is 0
    monasteries 10
    ski run 7
    archeological sites 8

    when ski run = 0 becomes

    monasteries 10
    archeological sites 8

    If anyone can offer help could you show me a script and explain how it works.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    You need to run a query to get the number of each, you can use PHP to sort and organise them, but its smarter to use the power of mysql

    PHP Code:
    SELECT A.trip_typeCOUNT(*) AS number_of_this_group
    FROM trip_type_groups 
    AS A
    INNER JOIN trips 
    AS B ON A.group_id B.parent_group
    ORDER BY number_of_this_group 
    The INNER JOIN excludes any that dont have matches ie. the ski run
    The ORDER BY is what puts them in the order you wanted
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