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    Nested query, then SUM

    Good day all,
    I need some assistance on how to finish this query.

    SELECT hours.empid, SUM(TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(hours.clockout, hours.clockin))) as timecalc, employees.employeeid, employees.firstname, employees.lastname, employees.class FROM hours, employees WHERE hours.empid = employees.employeeid AND hours.clockin BETWEEN '$_POST[startdate]' AND '$_POST[enddate]' GROUP BY hours.empid ORDER BY hours.empid DESC
    Above I am summing clock in and clout out times in a timeclock system. This works great, but I would also like to show each clock in and clock out record before displaying the sum for that employee.

    Can I loop through each employees records, display them, and then display the summed results at the end, then onto the next employee and so on?

    I hope that makes sense!

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    That would be far the more sensible way.

    Something like this (not real code, but should give you the idea):

    $sql = "SELECT  E.empid, E.firstname, E.lastname, E.class, H.clockout, H.clockin
    FROM employees AS E HOURS AS H 
    WHERE H.empid = E.employeeid 
    AND H.clockin BETWEEN '$_POST[startdate]' AND '$_POST[enddate]' 
    ORDER BY H.empid DESC"
    $result = mysql_query( $sql );
    $lastid = -1;
    $sum = 0;
    while ( $row = mysql_fetch_assoc( $result )
        $empid = $row["empid"];
        $fname = $row["firstname"];
        $lname = $row["lastname"];
        $eclass = $row["$class"];
        $clockout = $row["clockout"];
        $clockin = $row["clockin"];
        $tdiff = ...PHP code to get time diff from checkin to checkout...
        if ( $empid != $lastid )
            if ( $lastid != -1 )
                echo "<tr><td align=\"right\" colspan="\7\">$sum</td></tr>
                      <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr\n";
            $sum = tdiff;
            echo "<tr><td>$empid</td><td>$fname></td><td>$lname></td>";
        } else {
            $sum += $tdiff;
            echo "<tr><td colspan=3>&nbsp;</td>";
        echo "<td>$eclass</td><td>$clockout</td><td>$clockin</td><td>$tdiff</td></tr>\n";
    echo "<tr><td align=\"right\" colspan="\7\">$sum</td></tr>
          <tr><td colspan=7><hr></td></tr\n";
    TOTALLY untested. Play with it.
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