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    How to get end date onto previous row


    I'm trying to extract start and end dates as the delimiters of different periods. I would like them to be on the same row, but I can't figure out how to do it.

    The query I'm using is:

    -- This select gets the start and end dates, but on different rows
        SELECT date AS start_date
             , date_sub(date, interval 1 second) AS end_date
          FROM log
         WHERE date(date) >= '2013-06-10 00:00:00'
           AND date(date)  < '2013-06-16 23:59:59'
           AND type in (1,2,3)
      GROUP BY date(date), type
    -- This next one gets the end date for the last date in the period
        SELECT date_sub(date, interval 1 second) AS end_date
             , date
          from (
                 SELECT date
                   FROM log
                  WHERE date(date) > '2013-06-16 23:59:59'
                    AND type IN (1,2,3)
               GROUP BY date(date), type
                  LIMIT 1
               ) AS next_one
        ORDER BY start_date
    An example of the data I'm working with is:

    date                type
    2013-06-06 13:05:44 1
    2013-06-13 15:34:45 2
    2013-06-13 15:31:08 1
    2013-06-20 13:10:32 1
    2013-06-27 14:05:16 1
    2013-07-04 13:58:14 1
    The result I'm currently getting is:

    start_date          end_date 
    2013-06-13 15:31:08 2013-06-13 15:31:07
    2013-06-13 15:34:45 2013-06-13 15:34:44
    2013-06-20 13:10:31 2013-06-20 13:10:32
    So now the end date for row 1 is in row 2 and the one for row 2 is in row 3 etc.

    Does anyone know of a technique to get the end date in row 2 to appear in row 1 i.e. against the one it relates to?

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    One idea (not going into depth of logic of your dates) is to put your result (ordered by start date ?) into new table with autoinc field, then:

    select t1.start_date, t2.end_date from new_table t1
    join new_table t2 on t1.autoinc = t2.autoinc-1

    Didnt check that at all, just showing idea, join could be done on date field also I presume.
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