I am looking for mysql Expert.

I am already aware about tuning-primer.sh etc tools but they are not sufficient.

At present my mysql storage engine is default MyISAM but I may switch over to InnoDB.

I am having reasonably well hardware with 4 GB of RAM and having moderate visitors eg. 150 at any time. However, site has high interaction with DB constantly and as a result, it eats upto 50-100% of CPU.

Hence, I am looking for help from someone who can understand tuning-primer.sh recommendations and based on that can suggest key value changes in my.cnf. Also, can decide on choice of storage engine, index value, and other key parameters to improve over mysql performance, speed and reducing cpu load.

As I said, this requires mysql expert knowledge.

Based on time required and willingness to help, this can also be a paid assignment.

Feel free to PM/email me.

Thanking you.

Hemang Shah