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    SQL Fetch not showing results.


    I'm fairly new to PHP coding, and also all other forms of coding too...

    I run a website that someone else does the "big boy jobs" on, while I have to somehow figure out the little ones.

    I am trying to fetch new results from the SQL.

    This one worked in the old version- $q_videos = "SELECT * FROM `videos`,`users` WHERE (`videos`.uid = `users`.uid AND `catagory` LIKE '$cat')" or die( "Unable to select database");

    But I am trying to add an "active = 1" as we have active, and inactive videos now.

    The active part is kept in the Videos section in the SQL also, so I assumed this would work;
    $q_videos = "SELECT * FROM `videos`,`users` WHERE (`videos`.uid = `users`.uid AND `catagory` LIKE '$cat' AND `active` = '1')" or die( "Unable to select database");

    I probably did something so tiny wrong, but I'm a newb who needs sympathy.

    Any help would be super lovely!

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    I suppose

    `active` = 1
    instead of
    `active` = '1'

    might help

    If there are such data (Type int, value 1) in 'active' column of table 'videos'

    Otherviuse you simply don't have '1' data in 'active' column of Type varchar or similar
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    You also don't say what error you get, if any.

    And did you try the query from a query tool, *NOT* from your own PHP code?
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