Hi All,

I just tried to do a wordpress site migration myself with moving from one domain to another and I guess failed miserably. So would appreciate any and all help and I also hope I am in the right forum. By the way both the old and new domain are on Hostgator cpanel.


- I have a wordpress powered blog at a domain with a fair amount of content at (xxxx.com).

- I just tried to use the wordpress migration assistant under tools to move it to a new domain (yyyy.com).

- However nothing really migrated but now if I go to xxxx.com/wp-admin it auto redirects to;

- Also if I go to my xxxx.com homepage on its own you can see the regular content but its all unformatted but if you try to click on any link there it just redirects to a yyyy.com page with default content


- I want a to just migrate my site successfully over to the new domain with everything maintained as is as much as possible and all the appropriate 301 redirects as necessary

Or at worst just go back to what I had.