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    combine multiple queries into one

    I have a mess of queries and i want to see if I can get most of them combined into one query to then echo out elements on a page with php.

    But that's a level of query-building a bit beyond my level...
    Everything depends on the numeric id variable ($id) Limited to just one result.

    I tried just a simple union between each, but got a warning of different number of columns.

    Here are the pieces I have. Maybe somebody can make simpler sense of this soup:

    query 1
    SELECT descriptors.*, plantae.*, relationships.*, plant_pics.*
    FROM descriptors 
    JOIN plantae ON descriptors.plant_id = plantae.plant_name 
    JOIN relationships ON relationships.plant_id = plantae.plant_name
    LEFT JOIN plant_pics ON plant_pics.plant_id = plantae.plant_name AND plant_pics.part_id = 1 
    WHERE descriptors.plant_id = $id
    query 2:
    SELECT DISTINCT continents.Name AS continent1,continent_regions.Name,country.Name AS country1, GROUP_CONCAT( states.Name SEPARATOR ', ') AS state1, plant_locations_link.plant_id
    FROM plant_locations_link
    JOIN continents ON plant_locations_link.continents = continents.ID
    JOIN continent_regions ON plant_locations_link.continent_regions = continent_regions.ID
    JOIN country ON plant_locations_link.country = country.ID
    JOIN states ON plant_locations_link.state = states.ID
    WHERE plant_locations_link.plant_id = $id
    query 3:
    SELECT plant_term_id, plant_id, low_id, high_id, measurements1.* 
    AS lowest, measurements2.* AS highest,
    measurement_terms.plant_term AS tpart, plant_parts.part AS ppart
    FROM plant_measures
    JOIN measurement_terms ON plant_measures.plant_term_id =
    JOIN plant_parts ON measurement_terms.id = plant_parts.id
    LEFT JOIN measurements AS measurements1 ON plant_measures.low_id =
    LEFT JOIN measurements AS measurements2 ON plant_measures.high_id =
    WHERE plant_id = $id

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    Maybe if you gave us the most basic clues as to what the output/result is supposed to be we could help you. But I don't know where to start from the queries you are showing us. They could be 100% wrong or they could be nearly right.
    Be yourself. No one else is as qualified.

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    sure. I wasn't sure what would be needed.

    All I want to do is collect a row of all the information from the different tables based on the plant id, then echo the information onto the page in various locations.

    Right now, each of those three queries is done individually on the page, and I'm hoping to understand how to combine them into one, cleaner query.

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    I don't think you really have a mess of queries here, perhaps your application code is getting a bit clunky because it has to merge the information from three queries?

    I don't think you can merge much here because I see lots of one-to-many relationships. one plant can be found on many contintents and even more countries. The query for locations will return several records per plant, while the query for the image wil return only one record per plant. If you merge this, you'll have to somehow force those records into a single list of data that has the plant data, the image data and the countrydata. Either something is going to be repeated, or fields will have to be merged in a comma delimiteted style.
    Neither are very easy to work with in your application.


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