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    dropping database and replacing with backup

    my vbulletin forum was full of thousands of spam users and messages
    i decided to delete the current database and give it a fresh start from the backup

    do i delete the existing database and upload my backup database? or do i drop tables and upload everything from database backup? also can you write me the syntax for dropping and reloading?

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    The answer depends on the options used when creating the backup. If you did a standard dump, then the file should have "drop table if exists table" statements and you could do a standard restore without dropping the database.

    If you added new tables after making the backup dump and don't want them after the restore, then you'll need to drop the database then create the database only without tables and then do the standard restore.

    Syntax for a standard restore is:
    mysql -u user -p database < dump.sql

    How to Back Up and Restore a MySQL Database
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