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    Stored functions

    Hello, of late I've been learning about stored functions. Just have one question on them please. When and how do you decide if a query is a possible candidate to become a stored function? Is it when you have a fairly large query, or when you are performing a lot of multiple operations within a query - or even something else?

    Thank you

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    None of those.

    1.When you need to do more queryies at once
    2. when you dont need a resultset (if you do ,use stored procedure)
    3. when you reached limit of relational db querying --> you need to parse resultset
    4. when you decide to be better to have most of things done on db side, not on client side.
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    I think perhaps Oatley is confused about the difference between stored functions and stored procedures.

    Oatley: Bubikol was answering *specifically* about stored functions. Most people will find more uses for stored procedures than for stored functions.
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