I’m currently designing a website of which parts are heavily reliant on PHP & MySQL. I’m a bit clueless when it comes to PHP/MySQL and hoping someone here would be able to help.
The website is about theme parks.
On one page a query will run which will show a list of every theme park listed on the site. Each listing will show the theme parks name, the state it’s in (if in USA) and country. This list should be sortable alphabetically, by state or by country. And also show either ‘all’(default), “theme parks”, “waterparks” or “other” – filtered a type column in the .
Each theme park listed should be clickable and that click takes the user to a new page which shows more detailed info on that park. guide, blurb, web address, map etc.
What I need help with is how to make the clickable links on the first page and how clicking a particular theme park loads that parks info in the next page.
From what I gather this will run from one MySQL database. But on the individual theme park page I will also have photos and news articles about that park. I guess the way this would work would be to have a photos database and a news database and in each have a column with theme park ID which would match the theme park unique index from the theme park database. But how to I connect this all up?
I hope this is clear enough and I am a novice with PhP and MySQL so any detailed clear help would be massively appreciated.