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    Question if statement in where clause


    i'm trying to get my code to find exact matches of 'venuename' only when $searchType = 'venue' and $distance = 0.5, otherwise leave out the constraint.

    code snippet
    PHP Code:
    $sql "

    FROM gig AS G, venue AS V, postcodes AS P
    WHERE gigdate BETWEEN '
    $dStart' AND '$dEnd'
    AND G.venueid = V.venueid
    . ($searchType == 'venue' && $distance == 0.5 'AND V.venuename = \'$venueName\'' '' ). "
    AND V.venuepostcode = P.postcode
    AND G.price <= 
    HAVING distance<=


    The error I'm getting is this...
    for the right syntax to use near 'V.venuename = '$venueName' AND V.venuepostcode = P.postcode AND G.price <=' at line 8

    I'm guessing it's something to do with the way i'm escaping the $venueName as it works when I simply input 'AND venuename = '$venueName'. ?

    Any help would be very much appreciated, I've been stuck on this for a while.

    Many thanks

    P.S I've just realised this is actually a PHP question and not an SQL problem, if any mods would like to move it!
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