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    Overall site speed and performance - How will it be affected by a table..

    I currently have a table in my mySQL database that continually receives data (accumulates up to 16k~ rows for less than 20hours)

    Data is saved through ajax, on user mouse action.

    The table is flat with 4 fields:
    • int(10
    • varchar(255)
    • text
    • date (timestamp)

    I use php. How will this table affect overall site speed and performance? Thanks!
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    Too broad a question.

    What indexes are there on the table? What kinds of queries will you be using? What fields will be used in your WHERE clauses and/or JOINs?

    Will you ever "prune" this table? (Remove old records, that is.)

    TEXT fields are, in general, the killer in DB performance. How large, on average will your TEXT contents be?

    Or maybe a better question: How much disk space are you adding to the DB per day?
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