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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    Hi everyone,

    Someone made a website for my uncle, now he is telling me to fix a problem with it.
    The problem is that he made a type of image posting system/script on the right bottom of the page{You can see it in the attached image} and its not working at all.

    The address of website is http://www.signsgifts.com/


    I am new to developing..

    Please ignore if I posted this Thread in wrong forum


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    inshaal, the form that is having problems is calling this program -> http://www.signsgifts/cgi-bin/run/~tariq/echo.cgi I think this is just a C or PERL program to echo back what was entered into the text boxes. The form works OK. I think this is beyond you and your uncle should contact the people that wrote the site.
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    Yes, if you don't have the source code for that CGI page, then you have no choice but to go back to them or to completely replace the page. Even with the source, if you don't know PERL (or C or C++, whatever is used there), you haven't got much hope of fixing it.

    In any case, this almost surely has nothing to do with MySQL. If you do find the source code for that page, then post in a forum appropriate to the language used.
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