I am working on an idea for an application (app) for android devices to which I need a prototype or "mock-up" version made to be able to present my idea.

I am not looking for actual android / app programming but I am interested in having a relatively simple prototype made in Adobe Flash.

What I am looking to have made is a flash animation of a smart phone frame displaying the app in a way that you can navigate and interact with the app on a PC using the mouse cursor.

I have plans for the visual and interactive design (hand drawn in a pdf-file) which I can e-mail anyone who are interested. I also have the finished (very limited) demo content for the app which I then need made into this flash prototype for PC viewing/navigating.

I am only looking to have the most central menus/pages of the app made resulting in a very simple prototype.

Description of the content of the prototype I need made:

- The startup page / main menu of the app which contains the apps name in a header above a menu with four large buttons. The buttons need a text description on them and need to look like buttons that can be "pushed down" when clicked upon (the 3d-ish standing out from the background button look).

- Each of these four main menu buttons then need to direct to / link to another page / submenu. However only two of these need to direct to a third and final page or submenu - as the demo is limited.

- I need to have som images inserted and maybe a scroll bar function incase the text / image dosen't fit the page.

- I also need a "mock up" search bar with a little magnifying glass icon just to simulate a search bar function - it dosen't need to function.

I have a budget of 100 USD and a deadline of this Sunday the 10th of August.