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    Custom script needed - I pay via PayPal

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

    Hello guys!

    I hope I posted this one in the right spot 1st of all ;-). I am not a programmer nor do I want to study programming at all so I just give this job to you. I need a custom script that would achieve the following:

    This script has to work together with:

    1. B.I.D. (bulk image downloader - a free script)
    2. Fast Stone Photo Resizer (a free script)
    3. Windows GUI

    So this is what I want the script to do for me:

    1. B.I.D. - this program basically cuts through advertisements, etc, and downloads pictures from a picture gallery (or video gallery). Doing so, you can set an output path to where the pics will be saved. Say: c:\\Desktop\User\Pics\gallery title\...

    B.I.D. will name the gallery it saves the pics after the page title you specify. Let me call this page title=gallery folder= 'seo string' from now on.

    2. Next step: Fast Stone Photo Resizer, a subfolder called 'thumbs' has to be created inside the 'seo string' folder that B.I.D. just created (and downloaded the pics into). After that 'thumbs' directory is made, this is where the resized pictures will have to go, so this is the output folder of Fast Stone Photo Resizer.

    3. After the thumbs are made as well, the 'seo string' that we used in the 1st place at B.I.D. has to be used as the index file title, inside the 'seo string' directory, that already contains our 'thumbs' directory with the resized pics. The 'seo string' directory of course also contains the full sized images.

    Example: The 'seo string' that we used at B.I.D. is

    Volvo S80 parts

    Therefore the index file I am talking about will be:

    c:\\Desktop\User\Pics\Volvo S80 parts\Volvo S80 parts.php

    It has to be .php extension. So as you see, the containing folder as well as the actual index file is named after the 'seo string'.

    Now, I have my source code, and this source code has to be copied and pasted into this empty index file.

    After that, character sets inside the source code - say - 'xxx' , has to be replaced by that 'seo string'.

    Then it has to be saved.

    Okay, thats it basically, I need the script to give me a box what the resized pictures subfolder name will be (right now I need 'thumbs' but I want flexibility for future) and I need the script to give me a box what that specific character set is that needs to be replaced inside the index file (now its 'xxx').

    I hope I was specific but please feel free to ask for more specs. The progs I am talking about are free to download ans use. I need this custom script to sort of tie their work together so I can work much faster with them and dont have to copy paste all day long ;-) Please specify how much you would make this script for me. Thank you!

    2) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): PayPal

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    Hello! Would you mind sending me full details of the project at mfr.webmax@gmail.com.

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    Hi just one question: Do you have permission from the websites you are getting the images from to use them in the manner you are proposing? I might be interested in bidding on this project but not if it's illegal.

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    Therefore the index file I am talking about will be:

    c:\\Desktop\User\Pics\Volvo S80 parts\Volvo S80 parts.php

    It has to be .php extension.
    This makes no sense. If it has a ".php" extension then it must be a PHP *PROGRAM* page. That's nutso. You should have a single PHP program page (though why does it *HAVE* to be PHP? Why not JSP or CGI? If you aren't a programmer, why do you care?) that is capable of finding AND READING and working with *ALL* the varioud index files.

    It would make more sense to have
    c:\\Desktop\User\Pics\Volvo S80 parts\pixtureIndex.idx
    That is, use a custom extension that the PHP (or other) program page can look for and work with. One page that can handle *ALL* the index files.
    Be yourself. No one else is as qualified.

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    Dear Partner,

    I would surely provide you assistance for your requirement feel free mail me ram.kumar(at)optisolbusiness.com

    We have 70+ working in Optisol Business Solution

    I look forward to hearing from you..



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