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    Looking for a coder

    I am looking for a coder that knows how to code something similar to coin-pusher.com or https://apps.facebook.com/bingobyryzing/

    we are looking to have our game more card themed. so like omaha poker, texas holdem poker, stud poker, 5 card draw poker, spades, hearts, rummy. There needs to be table games & tournaments & if there are not enough members in the game after say like 15 minutes computer plays for remaining players until someone registers to play in their place. Maybe also just like they have on the bingo game - there can maybe be a poker themed slot machine that users can play that shows on every page.

    where basically the site allows the user to play games & the user is rewarded for logging in & referring others. Then it needs to have an "offers" section where users can complete offers. Also needs to have ads that pop up while user is playing games ( maybe off to the side so that it doesn't interrupt their game play) to get the user to complete the offers & earn more points or game tokens. Also have banner ads as well & a co-reg for when they are signing up for the game. Maybe also allow them to sign up with Facebook or twitter or google plus. Needs to also have a chat function for members to talk to each other while playing the game.

    We are looking to have "promo" games that members use their activity bonus & referral bonus to play for a chance to win points that they can then use to play for cash & prizes. Then the only way to get points is to complete offers or to purchase points. Kinda similar to the way they have the bingo game set up.

    Once this is complete we would be looking to have different themed sites set up... so this would be something that we can work into a partnership & profit sharing deal after the first site is complete. ( you set up the site & we help you sell it to gpt site owners wanting to change to a more game oriented type site)

    We DO NOT pay up front, we pay when the job is complete. This idea is something that you can use to make more money with in the future & as long as you don't sell the script we purchase from you we are ok with this. Our site however must be unique, (ie you can not sell the same concept to anyone else) The aurora gpt script may be something to base the membership & offers section on & save alot of time in trying to do something others have already done. We estimate this will probably take between 100 & 250 hours to complete.

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    Some questions--

    I got the impression you already have something in place-- you mentioned you want to make your game more card themed. Will your coder need to work with this existing website at all, or are you looking at a complete rewrite of whatever you currently have, converting it into something completely different?

    I'm assuming a major component of all of this will be the interface with the user-- the graphics, animation, etc. Do you have artists/graphic designers that will be doing all of this work? Or will your coder also be your artist?

    Do you already have an agreement with an advertisement provider for the ad space you mentioned? Are you currently using a provider on a website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by operationoffers View Post

    We DO NOT pay up front, we pay when the job is complete.
    There's no easy way to say this, so here it goes.

    If you don't trust your programmer enough to give them a deposit, or pay on completed milestones, why should the programmer trust that you'll ever pay them?


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