1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

Looking for a price and time frame for a review add-on for the xenforo software.

Here is the basic needs complied by other users

As I am not a programmer if you see a simpler or more effective way just please explain.

Looking for price quote

Reviews should have different sections, so you could for example have sections for movie reviews, restaurant reviews and product reviews.
permissions per section
The overview of reviews of each section, should allow for different display options, to be set by the admin.
Reviews should have:
Author ratings, with pretty AJAX stars, bars and other pretty rating scales.
Member ratings
Combined rating averages.
Rating value should have an alt text. For example: if you choose to have ratings with 1 - 5 stars, then hovering over a 5 star rating could state 'excellent', while hovering over a 1 star rating could stat
Admins should be able to define rating questions and custom fields.
Custom fields should allow:
1. fields that work like tags. i.e. clicking on the word 'spaghetti' in a custom field would lead to all restaurants that serve spaghetti.
2. fields with AJAX autofill functions.
3. single line text fields
4. multiple line text fields
5. mandatory fields
6. tickbox fields
7. payment methods icons
Google maps integration.
amazon.com affiliate integration
allow paid listing trough subscriptions and paid expanded listings. (when paid for more custom fields become visible)
Ability to compare prices of all vendors that sell product X
Summary charts for all restaurants that serve Y. i.e. a table that lists those restaurant, with the data from custom fields, as the admin defines.
Search for restaurants that have specific data in custom fields X, Y and Z.
Reviews should be loaded with interactive AJAX functions.
2) Payment method Paypal (Paypal, check? Timeline?):