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    Site design/layout , logo as well ?

    I have... a website that was a) never actually finished & b) is madly (4 - 5 years) out of date.

    I want... a fresh clean layout possibly with a logo change/rework since ours seems to work well on printed material but seems hard to incorporate into a web based design unless I go ultra minimalist ... which I don't (mostly) want to.

    I DON'T want.... a reworked template or a clone of a site that does the same thing as I do, anyone pushes a template my way and I release the wombats !

    The hard bit is probably that we are a family/noob friendly store and so want an easy to use website that does not confuse... that said I also want a constant presence of our product categories etc, in other words whilst I don't want the site to simply look like yet another e-commerce parts site ... I also do but keeping a friendly outlook, not just `here's what we sell buy it` most of our business is service/repair/custom builds etc and that needs to show up as well though component sales are becoming increasingly important.

    I only currently need the design/layout and should initially be mostly boring XHTML , when the site is looking good and working correctly I will then be looking at making it a bit more dynamic with ajax for quick loads of product info etc.
    I don't need any server side coding etc our current in-store POS/inventory will be feeding the website, all I need is the design, I dont want PSD files etc I would want an XHTML template that I would then break up to work with our templating system

    If it makes any difference at this point our company colours are orange and black, not the `is it yellow or orange` state of our current website.

    our website (no laughing please) is http://www.centurioncomputers.com.au ,
    an example competitor is www dot ple dot com dot au not that I like it or anything just an example www dot mwave dot com dot au is a better looking example but still too generic for my liking.

    2) payment can be made via paypal/direct deposit etc and we will need an invoice of some description, whats it worth ? I don`t know , the right design of course is priceless, a logo that we can use in our other marketing gets a free wombat thrown in.
    Since I hate design/HTML layouts this would be an ongoing project even after initial site completion, I don't work for free nor do I expect anyone else to though I like to get what I pay for.

    Any one interested in looking at something like this please PM me !!
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    MVC is the current buzz in web application architectures. It comes from event-driven desktop application design and doesn't fit into web application design very well. But luckily nobody really knows what MVC means, so we can call our presentation layer separation mechanism MVC and move on. (Rasmus Lerdorf)

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    your query is really need time to understand
    I have sent you a PM . please check and email me at sales@redsignal.biz. you can also add me on skype: sales.redsignal
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    Since I am not a salesman posting template messages... I wouldn't say... I would be happy to answer your "query". You can checkout my designs below and let me know in case you like any and would like to replicate or if you would like a brand new one...


    We can also throw in a logo and basic SEO for you...

    Let me know..

    E-mail: experts.seo.2000 @ gmail .com

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    Is the job still open?


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