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    Need develop for PTC/war game idea...

    Mods: Please move over to intermediate as my budget is $100-200

    I'm looking for someone that can bring my idea to life. It's never been done before, but it does pull together concepts from Moola.com (just in the way players play for real money), RTS games, and PTC sites.

    I hate to release too many details, but essentially it's a game with graphical comparison to "Urban Dead" or "Slave Hack" with mostly text based menus. The ability for advertisers to upload ads and also have Alertpay/paypal functionality is important as well.

    Chatting or IM with other players would also be necessary. The game does NOT have player interaction with each other like an MMORPG, but rather each interact with one object as a team. This single object and hit points assigned to it essentially determines who the winner is by what team destroys it first. There's NO graphical representation of the player, NO game world (just a single square divided into 4 parts), and NO animations or 3D.

    Essentially, we're just taking a PTC site and adding a competiton and game behind it and updating clicks for each player absolutely real time!

    I can give more details if necessary, but would really like to keep details under wraps until I have a programmer. What language is used doesn't really matter, however real time interactions are important and security from the financial perspective is as well.

    If you'd like more information, pm me, but I'll beassuming this to mean you agree not disclose this information to others. I want a coder who is honest and won't use the idea for themselves.

    For the right price Paypal can be paid when work is finished, although I'd also be inclined to give percentage of profits to anyone who develops as a partner without contracted payment. Perhaps I'm biased but I see this as a huge profiting game.
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