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    Javascript Form AutoTab and Validation (real time)

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

    Need a validation template made that can display error messages via CSS (highlighting P, etc); real time - however on submit may not be bad since i have seen examples where everything fires of at once as you go back leaving a page full of errors before person gets to fields...

    Need to be able to validate common elements

    • Name fields (alpha, no special characters outside ", . -" )
    • Email Address Fields (RegEx with valid TLD values (cc, com, net, org, biz, co, tv - etc)
    • Matching Fields (where field2 must = field1)
    • Phone Areacode & Prefix validation: (201-999; no values of 411, 511, 611, 911, etc)
    • Phone suffix validation - 0000-9999
    • DOB Age calculator/validation - DOB combos must be valid date; Age can be specified in script
    • Required fields (to be used on anything input, select, etc)
    • Checkbox groups (where must select 2 of 5; where there can be min amount selected and max amount selected)

    Regarding autotab, it wont be used on every field. Just phone numbers, DOB, Credit Card Numbers, Zip Codes, Etc.

    The display of the items can be via CSS, or under fields, etc. Ideally Errors can display to right of field. Most floating image types of displays are appearing over top right. Which can blur previous form elements. Personally, I would like error message (if floating) to appear on the right of the field. Or perhaps changing background color, etc.

    2) Payment Amount:

    $300+ (we also have a job on elance)

    3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):

    Paypal / Check upon completion

    4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders):

    We plan on using this validaiton on all forms we create. We have tried multiple plugin comboninations for autotab/validation; but cant get them to function together it seems.

    If you would like some examples of forms we plan on putting these on, I could send some URLs

    We are also located in Central MN and Lake Mary FL if you want to put a face to the name

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    i would also like to note, we will be gearing this primarily for contact forms.

    So if you have any other suggestions, please make them.

    I forgot to mention validation for State (if INPUT, value must be AZ,AL,CO, etc (can provide 2 letter list - however, we typically just use a SELECT for this)

    City - alpha with " - . , "

    We also would not be opposed to someone puttihg this generic script together, and us paying ongoing fees for this individual to validate forms, or do various other work.

    So ongoing relationship may result from this job


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