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    Looking for Programmer for Medium to Large Project.

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

    Simple Coding:

    - PHP or ASP.NET.

    - You can use pre-written code, or portals, as long as it meets my site requirements, design, and is legal, secure, and stable. If this stuff costs money, I will do what I can within reason to get it as long as you are certain it will work for my needs and can prove it to me.

    - The site will be broken down between "Visited Locations" and "Planned Locations". Both will require a very simple(* and **) form containing the following pieces of information:

    1. Country (Drop-Down List)
    2. City (Text box)
    3. Header Image (IMG Link)
    4. Latitude and Longitude Coordinates (text box)
    5. Excursions (Large Text box with formatting options similar to "New Thread" on this website)
    6. Must See (same as excursions)
    7. Accomodations (same as excursions)
    8. Dining (same as excursions)
    9. Our Review (same as excursions)

    - Once the above form is completed, the following actions must be taken automatically by the website:

    1. The location page must be created.
    2. A line of code must be entered into the appropriate XML file depending on if it is a visited or planned location. The XML file is already created.
    3. The location must be added to the appropriate list of locations.
    4. The location must be added to the admin page where it will have an "edit" and "delete" option. It will also have the option to move it from "planned" to "visited".
    5. The main page will have a box with the 10 latest location additions (both planned and visited).

    - The main page will require a news or blog like area. Only the 5 latest articles will be presented and there will be a link to all old articles.

    - The contact page will require a couple different forms. All of which sends an email to whomever we specify via the admin area (up to a maximum of 5 email addresses).

    - The contact page will also provide a direct link into two individual forums. These can be any standard forum on the market (approved by me) and must fit within the websites design limits. There will be a box on the main page displaying the 5-10 latest thread titles.

    - The About Us page will require one single form with formatting options similar to "New Thread" on codingforums. This page will be editable from the admin page.

    - The admin page should be seperated by page (ie About Us, Contact, Visited, Planned). This area needs to be secure, and is the only place to create pages for visited or planned locations. When looking at visited or planned cities, there should be a list with "edit", "delete" beside each. If it is a planned city, there should be an additional option called "visited" which will move the page to the visited category as if you created a new page specifically for visited.

    * I am unsure about how to enter multiple visits to a single city. (ie We have been to Amsterdam 5 times but want a seperate page for each visit. However, we want all pages to link together with a sub-menu. We have the design figured out, just no idea on how that would work via programming.

    ** I am also unsure about the difficulty required to upload photo's. Each page will have 40 photo's (20 thumbnails and 20 viewable sized). I want to maintain numbers 1-20.JPG for each image, so a folder would need to be created for each page. I would also need some type of upload form. Not sure how this works, or if I am over thinking it.

    In the Future:

    If all goes well, we would eventually like to add a store front to the web page as well as a new area where users can register for accounts and maintain their own travel logs. These are not part of the current project, but just an idea of possible growth plans.

    As part of the sites growth, I would like a programmer available for updates and additions to the site. I will pay them accordingly for both. If the site grows large enough I would also like to bring the programmer in as a partner to share a percentage of any profits. It would be preferable, but not a requirement, that it is the programmer who coded the site from scratch.

    Lastly, I have the design complete and can mock up some wireframes and flow charts to make this as simple as possible. As well I would show you the current design to ensure we are able to maintain it completely. I do understand that some changes may be required.

    2) Payment Amount: Negotiable (please send me a quote). This step of the project requires some basic coding, but there is a lot of it. So please be honest in your quote, and I will do my best. Please PM me with your quote or interest in the project.

    3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): Whatever works best for the programmer.

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    Thanks for posting your complete requirement. Sent you PM, please check

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    Double post, closing.
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