1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

Ok first things first I just want the script I have modified not new scripts writen I am looking to find a coder that does really well with all forms of php. my script was bought from www.eliteladders.com if you wish to review it.

I want to modify my profiles: Ok to let you know I can add new fields but the answers can only be typed text boxes, Basically I want to remove the fields (questions)that are there, Make the profile have just 1 bg then make it so that I can add questions that can be text, drop down to text, or drop down to image. then have the profile layout done. I will provide all images myself.

We also want a text based progressive player and intevtory game. Simular to Myspace's Mobsters but in army form (we are not talking about a full rpg game) just a very simple 1 hopefully you know the game its very simple as far as rpg's go. We will provide images and content.

Also me and my staff have also bought a chat/i.m system we need intergrated into our sight it has full directions on how to do so that came with it but its like reading chinese to us, p.s. we cant read chinese.
After that is working we would then like you to take the chat room a and frame it / or embed it into one of the sites existing pages (warfinder.php above that pages content.

2) Payment Amount: Not sure as I am open to bids on each differant thing on it's own.

3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): PayPal or CC