1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):
What it is?
"Product Customization"

Here is my project plan:
- User goes to an order page on a website which there are several products.

- Picks a product by clicking on it at which time is assigned a product code
(www.site.com/order.php?order=(order code)). This will enable the User to go back to the page and change the order.

- Once the product is picked, the User will be taken to another page where the User inputs their email and is shown their order code, continue button.

-Next Page is a 3 column layout.
Middle Column: Product that the user chose. Divided into 2 layers: Parts that can be customised and those that cant. Those than cant will be on a top layer, above everything else (will make more sense after you have read the next sections).
Left Column: 2 titles: 1st title is Images, List of thumbnails underneath there will be controls to view more images: < 1 2 3 4 >; You can drag an image (and only 1) onto the product. Can be resized. Will be on a layer under the sections that cant be engraved. 2nd Title is Text. Drag it or something underneath that says drag to add text onto the product. Once inserted onto the product, text box and text editing features will appear under the title, Text. The user will be able to edit the text and the font, size, etc.
*Simpler solution: Images have a set position and size, so does the text. Only the size, font, etc of the text is editable. No dragging, just clicking*
*Delete button underneath text and image once they have been put on the product*
Right Column: Title is Price. Underneath will be the bill details. e.g:
Image $15
Text $10
Total $20
Pricing will be variable: Text = $10; Image = $20; Text + Image = $25;
Underneath the bill details will be (save, clear, save and finish) Save will save the state, clear will clear everything but keep the email and order number, save and finish will save it and make it uneditable.

- Save and finish will take them to a new page with their bill details, their order code, a picture of the product with the images and text, and some additional information. Options to make payment now (by credit card or paypal) or when they drop it off will be given at this point. Credit Card payment and Paypal payment methods will be integrated. At this point n email will be send to them with the same information as on the last page. An email will be sent to me with the picture as well as the image code, the text and details about the text including font, size, bold, etc.

I need the ability to add new images (they will automatically be assigned with new codes). Maybe a folder where the image name becomes the code?

It may sound a bit confusing, it seems more simple with visual presentations.

Preferably someone from Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia to help me.

2) Payment Amount: $400 (negotiable)

3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): Paypal or Cash

4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders): 4 week time limit